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Nueva tanda de productos / New batch of products

El próximo lunes 24 de Junio a las 20,30h, nueva tanda de productos de TODOS los invitados // Next Monday 24 at 8.30pm (Spanish time), new batch of products of ALL THE GUESTS.
Productos - Products:

Gale Harold: 110€
Randy Harrison: 110€
Peter Paige: 80€
Scott Lowell: 80€

Coffee Breaks:
Gale Harold: 130€
Randy Harrison: 130€
Peter Paige: 90€
Scott Lowell: 90€

Photo Ops:
Gale Harold: 55€
Randy Harrison: 55€
Duo Randy-Gale: 80€
Peter Paige: 45€
Scott Lowell: 45€
Duo Peter-Scott: 65€

Randy Harrison: 20€
Gale Harold: 20€
Peter Paige: 15€
Scott Lowell: 15€

Cocktail Party: 100€

Recordad que para adquirir cualquiera de estos productos es necesario tener pase para la convención /// Remember that if you want to acquire any of these products, you need to have a pass for the convention.
Tags: convention, gale harold, peter paige, queens of the road, queer as folk, randy harrison, scott lowell, secret circle
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